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Why use Boatigo?

Boatigo Skippers are recreational boating and fishing enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and vessel with Crew on their trips.  

Whether you are home or travelling, there will always be Skippers wanting you as their Crew.

Less expense

CREW CONTRIBUTIONS towards a Skipper's running costs is a very economical and sustainable way to get out on the water.

Local knowledge

Boatigo Skippers are everyday people (just like you) sharing their boating and fishing knowledge on trips.

Their passion translates into a unique experience!


A community of like-minded boating and fishing enthusiasts that share your passion on a platform that allows you to safely and securely share the costs of getting out on the water!


I thought it sounded like a really easy way to connect with fishing and boating fanatics in my area.


Dampier, Western Australia


No fees

Boatigo does not take or charge any fees when you request to join a Skipper on their recreational trip. 

It costs nothing to join, search and communicate with Skippers so you have nothing to lose!

Less expense

By contributing towards the running costs of Skipper's recreational trips it means you can get out on the water more often for less.

Verified community

Community members can opt to be verified and show the verification badge.  This means their ID has been verified by Shufti Pro's industry leading verification software.

This allows you to rest assured that they are who they say they are.

Real reviews

The Boatigo community operates within a set of community standards that we uphold and a rating and review system that keeps everyone honest.

Contributions your way

Use Boatigo's secure inbuilt messaging system to work out the best way for you and your Crew to exchange your contribution towards the costs.

It's completely in your hands!

Meet like-minded people

Meet plenty of recreational boating and fishing enthusiasts just like you.  You could find a Boatigo friend for life.

If you went out on your boat every second weekend for a year and it cost you $100 each time.

If you went out on your boat every second weekend for a year and it cost you $100 each time.


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